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What is My iPhone 4S SIM Card Number

Wednesday, May 23, 2012 , Posted by Nick Driver at 1:09 PM

Yet another one of my users has decided to travel to the great land of CDMA-free Europe. This time, however, we did not need to use Verizon's global travel program as the user was able to use the Verizon global ready iPhone 4S. For those of you unaware, the iPhone 4S is one of the few Verizon world phones available.

To activate your iPhone for global usage, all you have to do is call up Verizon and give them your your SIM card number. Unfortunately, finding the SIM card number on the iPhone 4S is not the most intuitive process.

Finding your iPhone 4S SIM card number

There are two ways you can determine your iPhone 4S's SIM card number. Using the iPhone's operating system, you can find your SIM number by going to Settings -> General -> About. Your SIM number is the 19-digit number listed next to ICCID.

Alternatively, you can insert a paperclip into the side slot of your iPhone 4S to remove your SIM card and read the first 19 digits printed on the card itself. The first time you open the SIM card door on your 4S it will likely require a little force, but after that it will be easier to remove (and swap out if necessary). For a video tutorial of the SIM card removal, check out the video below.

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