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How to Take Screenshots | HTC Rezound

Thursday, December 1, 2011 , Posted by Nick Driver at 10:08 AM

One of the few reasons I ever wanted to root my first Android phone in the first place was because doing so allowed me to take screenshots of any screen I wanted, at any time. I always felt that should be a built-in feature and shouldn't require rooting my phone, but HTC has changed all that. Even though they've made it difficult to root the Rezound (or at least that's how it seems, seeing as we still only have temp root), they at least threw us a bone when they implemented a built-in screen grabbing option.

To take a screenshot on your HTC Rezound, simply gently hold down the power button and tap the home key at the same time.  That's it! Your screen will flash and read "screenshot saved to Camera shots" as in the picture below. You can access the picture by viewing your photo gallery as you would with any other picture taken by your camera.

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  1. KFS says:

    Awesome! thank you!

  1. The Dr1ver says:

    No problem! Glad I could help!

  1. BigMan62 says:

    Do you know if the HTC Inspire works the same way? Any info you have would be cool, Thanks

  1. roberto! says:

    Thanks! I thought I was going to have to buy some silly app to do this.

  1. It doesn't work on my.rezound:/.


  1. I knew it had the capability because I did it by accident but now I know how to do for reals

  1. Marie Wright says:

    Doesn't work on my phone hubby keeps talking about rooting my phone. I guess I will have to let him as I am starting to have some problems. I just want him to brick my phone. not due for an upgrade for 1 yr

  1. Thanks! Just took a shot of this screen.

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