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Life is Crime Tips and Help

Wednesday, November 2, 2011 , Posted by Nick Driver at 9:28 PM

After the overwhelming popularity of my Life is Crime Beginners' Tutorial, and having played the game for almost two months, I figured I would list some helpful tips and pointers that have helped me take over the city of Baltimore. First thing's first, you want to take over as many places as possible...

Location Domination Tips

So you've fired up the game and are ready to start taking over your town, but it looks like someone already beat you to it. With a little perseverance it's not hard to start taking over your favorite spots and quickly move on to the surrounding areas.
First, target your favorite places available in Life is Crime. The quickest way to earn building points is to drop product there. The larger the product, the more building points you will earn. For example, at level 12 as of writing this article, dropping a 150kg package of dope (worth 75 energy) will get you 38 building points. I couldn't drop a package at the time of this writing, but the last I remember a package worth the same amount of energy earned close to 45 building points. If you were to earn 45 building points only running missions, at 20 energy units per mission, it would cost you 450 energy units instead of just 75. Therefore, when picking out a venue to become the kingpin of, you should only make your drops at places that have a significant point gap from you.

When you are out of energy points, you can also quickly dominate a location by fighting someone who is of an equal or higher level than you. When fighting someone of an equal level, you earn 10 points for any time you land a fully successful attack (avoiding damage to yourself entirely). For fighting levels above and below that, you earn plus or minus the difference in your levels. For example, if you are level 12 and are fighting someone who is level 15, every time you land a successful attack, you will earn 13 building points -- 10 if you were fighting someone that was level 12, plus 3 for fighting someone 3 levels higher than you.

Lastly, whenever you're out of your regular stompin' grounds, be sure to at least put your name on as many leader boards as possible. This way, if someone decides to fight you over that location, you at least have the chance of seeing that battle on your R2 feed which then gives you the option to fight them back over that location, earning you more building points.

Leveling Up Tips

Leveling is a little different than attempting to dominate buildings. Running missions will garner you more XP than fighting or dropping packages. If leveling up fast is your goal, the best thing you can do is run as many missions as possible and pay attention to your current missions. Certain missions will earn you XP as their reward, others will earn you cash, and still others (though few) will earn you R2 credits. If you're trying to level up fast, aim for the missions that will gain you XP as their reward; namely bars and hospitals. Return frequently throughout the day and burn your energy points as often as possible. If you have energy drinks gifted to you, use them! There will be more -- I promise.

Earn R2 Credits Without Paying for Them

Thus far, the only ways I have found to earn R2 credits without paying for them is to return to play Life is Crime every day, earning credit towards the All Day, Every Day mission or to find an Easter Egg by searching buildings as often as possible. In the nearly two months I've been playing Life is Crime, I've only found one Easter Egg, which (if memory serves me) is only worth somewhere between 2 and 5 R2 credits. The All Day, Every Day achievement, on the other hand, earns increments of 5, 10, and 20 R2 credits for playing every day consecutively for 7, 14, and 30 days, respectively.

Obviously, the developers have made it so it is highly beneficial to pay for R2 credits if you wish to dominate your competition as quickly as possible. But, by simply signing into your safe house and collecting your money each day, you can earn a decent amount of R2 credits and start buying "elite" equipment.

Fighting Tips

Fighting is an integral part of Life is Crime, and doing it right is a simple matter of strategy. If your only goal is to kill your opponents, then you need to keep a few things in mind. Of course, the best thing you can do is buy equipment for R2 credits to get an immediate edge on the competition that is the same level as you. When doing this, you want to be sure to look at the stats before purchasing.

The other day, I really wanted to buy a cool weapon that I liked just because of the way it looked. However, I realized that in two levels (which might only take an avid player a week or so) I would be able to purchase a better weapon for in-game cash. I held off and, sure enough, within a week there was a better "elite" weapon available for R2 points that fit my new level and was a superior weapon to all regular, "game-cash" purchasable weapons for at least 3 levels ahead of me. In essence (not recalling exact numbers), I found an "elite" weapon that did 80 damage at level 8 when regular weapons did 85 damage at level 10. After waiting, I found an "elite" weapon that did 120 damage at level 10 when regular weapons didn't cause 120 damage until level 13.

Just make sure when you're spending your R2 points that they'll last you a while.

If you're not big on analyzing R2 credits, ensure that each time you level up you buy the best weapon and armor you can carry to guarantee the strongest competitive edge possible.

Mob Tips

If someone friends you, accept the request. The more members of your mob you have, the more gifts you will recieve, and the more likely you are to do "mob damage" during a fight, which can be a significant amount, depending on how many mob members you have.

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  1. faCHEWY says:

    Yes, just had another question if anyone could shine some light on the matter, while "searching" a location I've ran across a lot of damaged health packs but a few minuets ago I happened across some bananas. Not knowing what they did I ate them and it said (character name) is now going bananas. My gamer icon was changed to bananas, my character now has a gorilla/moneky face. My D was increased 25 points as well. Now I'm curious if there are any hidden perks while this is active, and how long it actually lasts. And what, if any, other " hidden items" other players have found and what they did. Thanks all

  1. The Dr1ver says:

    So far, the only two "secret items" I've found are The Bananas and the Easter Eggs. The Easter Eggs give two R2 Credits when used and The Bananas give a monkey face, change your icon to bananas, and boost your defense +50 for 24 hours. After the 24 hour limit is over, your mask/head armor goes back to normal, you lose the +50 damage, and your profile icon goes back to normal.

  1. thedoctor603 says:

    The gold bar is a mystery right now. They say it will be invaluable in the future. I'm assuming it will have something to do with vehicles. You must have gotten at least top fifty in one of the events. Congrats!
    You can find easter eggs that give 5 credits, bananas give +50 def for 24 hours, coffee is +8 energy (only at coffee shops) and emergency health packs (the same as you gift but this in theory allows you to carry 20 at a time instead of just 10)
    I have gathered

  1. thedoctor603 says:

    (sorry, it's hard to type long messages on my phone!)
    I have gathered, in the almost 2 months that I've played: 3 easter eggs, 2 bananas, 9 health packs (which are supposed to be only found at hospitals, but I find then everywhere) and only 1 coffee (that was at a dunkin' donuts, so they got that one right!)
    They are randomly out there. I have searched, found nothing, attacked or did a mission, then search again and found something. Don't get discouraged of you don't find anything. It will give something eventually. I've heard of instances where people have found bananas and eggs in the same search. I think the odds are astronomical so don't count on it!

  1. debadzuk79 says:

    Can someone help my location i am not within 500m of any locations...infact there are only 2 within can i drop packages or run missions without disabling gps and tracker. Is there any way to add locations?

  1. faCHEWY says:

    Another quick question dr1ver, is there a way you can gift your entire friends list at once??? Oh and can you have more than 4 people in your gang? Or is 4 max?

  1. The Dr1ver says:

    Currently there is no way to gift everyone of your friends at once, and there is no way to have more than 4 people (including yourself) in your gang.

  1. Golo Golo says:

    Can someone tell me hot to do the drop or missions the only thing im doing is fighting and fighting but i want to be able to steal, do some drop off or mission and for some reason i cant figure it out......

  1. herpyofderp says:

    Is there any way at all to chat with people without them being in your gang? I have invited three people and none have responded. To be honest the gang screen is sorta hidden thanks in advance. I have also found 2 easter eggs and nothing else and i have been playing for a little over one week.

  1. Jennp212 says:

    Could someone please tell me how to fight? I can't seem to find an option for it

  1. jg78 says:

    Whats the advantage of putting money in your bank. Can it be taken from you some how if you dont?

  1. The Dr1ver says:

    Yes, if it is not in your bank it can be taken from you in a fight.

  1. jg78 says:

    Is it like when you kill someone and you take a little bit of money or is there a way to take it all i dont know about. I am at the lower levels should i start banking or not even worry about it, just passed million threshold.

  1. SteinMan says:

    how do you steal packages or stolen goods from other players

  1. ladybird 22 says:

    Is there anyway to get your money out of the bank once you make a deposit?

  1. ManInTheSky says:

    I have a Problem....No locations near my house They are just on the outside of where I am located. Listed in RED so I have to leave my home in the dead of winter to play this game...NOT to enjoyable anymore. How can I be able to search the coffee place downtown but apparently to far or out of my range.

  1. ManInTheSky says:

    I am not sure if you can like withdraw it all or any......but I do know you can spend it like cash as you buy things.

  1. ManInTheSky says:

    I keep hearing this as well....from what I have been told if you and another gang member gang up on someone then apparently he can have all of his cash stolen? I am about to try this out soon....will get back to you on this.

  1. The Dr1ver says:

    Correct -- there's no need to withdraw it because you can always spend it. The reason for putting it in the bank is so you don't lose it when other people attack you.

  1. The Dr1ver says:

    Start banking as soon as you have a chance. If someone decides they don't like you and your money isn't in the bank, they can kill you over and over again until you're penniless.

  1. The Dr1ver says:

    Sorry, you'll have to take that up with the developers. They add locations based on where the most people are logging in from, so if you're the only one playing in your area then they won't think to add any locations nearby for quite a while. For now, you'll just have to leave your house.

  1. ladybird 22 says:

    Thank you! Didn't know you could spend it. I've never let the money I'm carrying get low enough to find out. Good to know I can spend it, I just thought it was holding my money.

  1. joaquin says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  1. joaquin says:

    What does This mean " venues that pay you " how do they pay you ?

  1. ladybird 22 says:

    I have a weapon question:
    After you buy a weapon and decide you don't like it is there anyway to sell it back or sell it to another player or are you stuck with it?

  1. ladybird 22 says:

    The "venues that pay you" refer to the locations you go to and search for packages, etc. Everytime you pick up a package you get paid for it, therefore that venue pays you.

  1. The Dr1ver says:

    It means that when you're the kingpin of a location you collect money every day from that location. If you're not the kingpin of any locations then you wouldn't collect anything.

  1. Teddy651 says:

    Actually man in the sky, I was reading on other blogs, and there is a way to cheat the system. All u gotta do is download a location spoofing app from the market, and u can put yourself anywhere in the country. I'm not really sure where I read it, but all you gotta do is Google Life is Crime, and a whole messload of stuff will come up about hints, tips and tricks. I know there was a few steps that you had to take to be able to put yourself anywhere in the country, but to you, I'm sure it will be worth it

  1. mikebrax says:

    To get a location to pay you do you have to be the kingpin because I thought I read on the forum you only had to be in the top 20 or something like that anybody know?

    Invite me to your mob : MIKEBRAX

  1. Madam Cia says:

    Can a password b reset?

  1. Madam Cia says:

    My done got damaged and now I have a iPad

  1. Madam Cia says:

    My phone got damaged, how can I retrieve my game? My log in name is Madam Cia

  1. Madam Cia says:

    Also, can I reset my password?

  1. The Dr1ver says:

    I did not build the game. You'll have to go to red robot labs and ask them.

  1. neptun213 says:

    Driver how it's possible that some players the same level have got more helth then others???

  1. Batman0331 says:

    Actually you just have to be in the top 20 for a location to get paid.

  1. Batman0331 says:

    Yeah that's correct just have to be in the top 20. I'm king pin on 2 locations but have 38 that pay me.

  1. aceyungn says:

    What does the SKELETON ARM do? Can someone please tell me?

  1. PETER says:

    Hey, I found your blog while doing some googling to find out what that banana thing does. I see you're in Baltimore, I'm in Towson, holding about 1/5th of the locations there. I sent a friendrequest, the name is Spysix

  1. Yo BEAJ oY says:

    Feel free to add me.( Yo BEAJ oY ) daily player and return on all gifts given.

  1. Flyness says:

    The skeleton arm is a weapon that deals a great deal of damage compared to weapons level 8 and below.

  1. ixac says:

    How do i push a package in a location

  1. Shaun says:

    How could I get a HQ?

  1. JohnnyBooh says:

    What do you mean "elite" weaponds?

  1. crunkface says:

    How do you get thugs?

  1. jk says:

    Yeah Batman's right. The pay out is based on rank the king pin gets the highest percentage. Each person on the list gets a percentage of the venues daily activity (stolen gooods and drugs moved through the location) respective to his or her position on the leader board.

  1. jk says:

    Select the desired venue/location. In the middle of the screen tap the "drop" icon. This will open your briefcase from here you can select packages or stolen goods to drop. If you have no product there will be a prompt the will lead to your suppliers.

  1. jk says:

    "Elite" weapons can be found in two places. Go to the SHOP icon and then select ARMORY the first option will be LIMITED this section holds 3 items that run on a week schedule (so every couple days a item gets circulated out for a new one. Some times these items are weapons, but they can be torso, head, etc. The second place is under WEAPONS these "elite" weapons are superior in that they offer higher attack and dodge then the other weapon in the level. All these can only be purchased with R2 credits.

  1. dtb says:

    How do I get a gang HQ?

  1. Danny Landry says:

    How do i get my gang HQ IN THE GAME

  1. It may have been stated above-and I missed it- but is there a way to change my character name..?

  1. When you get top 50 in gang event do you always get a HQ

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