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Life is Crime Tutorial

Thursday, September 22, 2011 , Posted by Nick Driver at 3:27 PM

UPDATED 12/7/2011: If you haven't read the tutorial I wrote below, read that first. I've added updates for the new version of Life is Crime over at my other blog, Android Game Tutorial.

While perusing the Android Market yesterday, I came across a new game called Life is Crime. It seems as though the game has been exploding all over the country, but no where online (including on the developers' website) could I find a decent tutorial that showed exactly how to play the game. Therefore, I figured I would write one up here.

If you haven't downloaded Life is Crime yet, you can do so via this QR code:

Also, feel free to add TheDr1ver as part of your mob.

The Objective of Life is Crime

Life is Crime is a game based one one's GPS coordinates. The objective of the game is to physically travel to as many places as possible and take over buildings in that area. The more buildings you are the "kingpin" of, the more protection money you collect, and the higher your reputation grows. The more money you have, the more stuff you can buy (guns, armor), and the more powerful you'll become.

The Main Map Screen

This is the main screen of the game where all the action happens. The top portion of the screen shows your name, icon, current level, and experience required to get to the next level. It also shows your rep (how notorious you are in your area), your cash on hand, and your R2 chips. R2 chips are gained by completing missions, leveling up, or are purchased (with real money) through the game. They're hard to come by without paying for them, so use them wisely.

Just below all that is a line that shows your health, energy, stamina, and mob. Health regenerates roughly every 10 seconds or so, energy regenerates roughly one unit per minute, and stamina takes closer to five minutes. I haven't timed them, so those times are not exact. Your mob shows how many friends you have playing the game.
Below the stats is the main map. On the map, there are five icons; a crosshair, a briefcase handle, a building, a cell phone, and a person. Tapping the crosshair will center the map on your GPS position. Tapping the briefcase handle will take you to the briefcase menu where you can collect money from your drug deals. Tapping the building icon will show you a list of buildings in your area, which are also visible and accessible by clicking them directly on the map. The cell phone icon will call your drug dealer and allow you to purchase product or stolen goods, and the person icon will show you all the players in your area in order of their rep.

The Mission Screen

The mission screen shows a list of your active missions (duh). It tracks your progress for each one and shows you what the reward for completing them is.

When visiting a building, there will be a button near the top with an action attached to it, such as gamble, steal, or harass. Each of these actions also requires a specific amount of energy to complete. When you click the action button, you progress in your mission, gain XP and cash, gain points towards being kingpin at that location, and lose the associated amount of energy with that action.

When your energy inevitably runs out, you will no longer be able to complete missions until it recharges. You can then either wait for your energy to return naturally or take energy drinks (that cost R2 credits or can be 'gifted' by members of your mob) to instantly replenish it. Once it comes back, you can start playing missions again.

The Profile Screen

The profile screen shows your personal stats and allows you to visit your safehouse, achievements board, and inventory.

Your attack stats are comprised of both general attack and critical damage. The higher your general attack number, the more damage you will deal in a fight. The higher your critical damage number, the better your chances are of dealing a crushing blow to your opponent.

Your defensive stats are similar, comprised of general defense (how much damage you'll take) and dodge. If you are able to successfully dodge an attack while someone is fighting you, you will deal a significant amount of damage to them. The number of locations you are kingpin of and your kill/death ratio are also listed below your fighting stats.

Viewing your safehouse shows your rep, how many locations you are kingpin of, and allows you to collect protection money from those locations. You can also see invites from other players asking you to join their mob, and accept, decline, and re-gift items sent to you by others. At this point, the only things you can gift are energy drinks and health packs.

The achievements button shows you various achievements you've unlocked if you're into that sort of thing, and your inventory allows you to use items you collect and equip various armor and weapons purchased at the shop.

The Shop Screen

This one is also pretty self-explanatory. Here you can buy armor or weapons, exchange R2 credits for cash, and purchase power ups if you need a quick boost of health, energy, stamina, or a few extra members of your mob. In addition, you can also purchase R2 credits for real-life cash (charged to the credit card attached to your android account).

The Gamefeed Screen

The gamefeed screen shows pertinent news to your Life is Crime game. It shows all the activity pertaining directly to you, all the activity of everyone in your area, and all the activity on Twitter with the hash tag #lifeiscrime.

Using the gamefeed is the easiest way to see who has attacked you and over which turf. Clicking the building name will let you jump straight to that area and exact revenge on the person who attacked you. However, if you're not within 500 meters of the location, you can only attack people and not perform missions or searches.

Becoming Kingpin of a Location

To become the kingpin of a location, you must have the most points of anyone in the game racked up at that particular building. There are several ways to score points including dropping off packages, completing missions, or fighting the existing kingpin.

Dropping off packages first requires that you purchase drugs or stolen goods by clicking the cell phone icon on the main map screen and using energy to purchase the package. Then, you can enter any location that you are within 500 meters of and click the 'drop' button to drop off your package. Immediately after the package is dropped, you gain points towards becoming the kingpin of that location. The package then sits quietly at the location until it matures (i.e. until NPC "junkies" sell all the drugs) and you can collect the money from it. You can view the progress of your packages and collect your hard earned money by clicking the briefcase handle on the main map screen. However, if you drop off a package at a building and someone else finds it by clicking the 'search' button, they will get the money from picking up your package and you'll be out of luck. (Note: It turns out that last part wasn't accurate. As far as I can tell, right now as long as you drop off a package, there's no way you can lose it.)

Alternatively, if you do not have any packages, you can use energy to complete missions at each location. As long as you are within 500 meters of a building, you can enter it, click the mission action (gamble, steal, etc) and spend the corresponding amount of energy to amass two points towards becoming that location's kingpin.

Finally, you can earn the most points towards securing a location by entering the building, regardless of how far away it is, and successfully attacking other members of that location. If you manage to kill one of those members, you will earn a few extra points than you otherwise would for a successful attack. The higher the level of the person you attack, the more points you earn toward conquering the location.

Fighting Tutorial

Besides drug running and playing missions to take over a location, fighting is a large part of the global turf war that is Life is Crime. To fight someone, simply click on their name and press the 'fight' button. You will then be presented with the screen to the left. It presents a comparison of your stats and allows you to fight or flee the situation. Fighting is turn based and revolves around each individual's offensive and defensive stats. There are basically four things that can happen when you select to fight someone.

You can deal a standard amount of damage based on your weapon and their armor. After this attack, you collect money and experience.

You can deal a critical hit which causes a significantly higher amount of damage. After this attack, you collect money and experience.

You can cause a small amount of damage and they can counter with a small amount of damage. After this attack, you lose money and gain experience.

They dodge your attack and cause a significant amount of damage to you. You also lose money after this attack.
The end result of a fight is either your opponent dies, you die, or you walk away from the fight. Eventually, you will end up dying. If that happens, you will be in the hospital for 30 minutes until you are resurrected. During this time you cannot make any plays. If you do not wish to wait 30 minutes to keep playing, try to complete a mission or drop off a package. You will be prompted to either pay in-game money to leave the hospital early, or pay 1 R2 credit to restore 50 of your health points. In addition to paying 1 R2 credit to be revived, you can also use a health pack that was 'gifted' to you by a member of your mob.

The only other thing that needs to be mentioned about fighting is that the more members of your mob (in-game friends) you have, the more powerful you will be in a fight. If you are fighting someone, you can deal extra damage up to the total number of mob members you have. Inversely, they can counter-attack you with the same method.

That's about all I can think of for now. Don't forget to add TheDr1ver to your mob. Have fun taking over your city... Just stay out of Baltimore.

If that was enough to whet your taste, check out my follow-up, Life is Crime Tips and Help. And, if that's not enough for you, I've added updates for the new version of Life is Crime over at my other blog, Android Game Tutorial.

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  1. The Dr1ver says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  1. dan says:

    Thanks for the guide, kinda helped me get started. But, I still do not see the icon after clicking on a building that allows me to the specific mission. Am I missing something?

  1. The Dr1ver says:

    The button is located underneath the 'Search' button, on the right-hand side of the screen. You can see it in the screenshot I took under 'becoming kingpin of a location.' In that picture, the mission button says Snoop.

  1. whateverman says:

    Not sure how to drop and steal in locations that the buttons are inactive..

  1. JivePFunk says:

    you can't pick up or drop packages or drugs that you are not within range of. to ensure that you get the most packages it is best to drop them in a location that you visit frequently and 1 that has a lot of people on the board. every venue can hold up to 52 people on the board. the more people to show up on the board, the faster your packages will get picked up.

  1. mskitty76 says:

    What about the "drop at coffee shop" one? WHAT coffee shop?

  1. Earthan says:

    Any coffee shop at all.

  1. navar6 says:

    Do yuo know how I can find more mobs, like your page says (You can add TheDr1ver as part of your mob.) I'm playing Life is Crime.

  1. The Dr1ver says:

    From your safehouse screen, click R2 Network, and then click the 'add' tab.

  1. hawklorduk says:

    What happens if you have no coffee shops on you map? Also how do you add locations?

  1. biggen84 says:

    How do you get rep. Points likei an level 8 and someone is to my rep is 90 and there is 300 how's is that and if that is right how do I do it

  1. The Dr1ver says:

    @biggen84 -- that's a great question regarding the rep points. I wish I had a better answer for you, but the truth is, I'm still a little confused as to how they're calculated myself. What I do know is that the more frequently I play, and the more locations I take over, the faster my rep points seem to grow. On the other hand, if I don't play for a while and others start taking over my locations, they will start to decline. Also, if you successfully fight and kill people that are a higher level than you, they seem to go up faster, and if you fight people that are a lower level than you (3+ levels lower), they seem to drop really fast.

    So, my advice is to gain as many locations as possible and don't fight people that are 3 or more levels lower than you, and you should see your rep jump up considerably.

  1. kittesmylz says:

    I don't have any kind of coffee shop on my map. What am I doing wrong?

  1. faCHEWY says:

    Hey can anyone tell me the importance of hiring thugs? Do they serve the same purpose as friends/mob? Oh and to kittesmylz: the game is based on real life locations around you... so if u want to do missions at a coffee shop that bad, your gonna have to drive to ur local coffee shop lol.

  1. The Dr1ver says:

    Hiring thugs does the same thing as adding friends/mob. Basically, if you don't have any friends, or you want more instantly, you can buy them. It's kind of like joining a derelict country club.

  1. faCHEWY says:

    thanks driver, oh and if you could check your other page on Life is crime. I posted a question/subject that maybe you can add onto.

  1. Deuce What says:

    I don't understand how to collect protection money. I just started this game about three days ago and I have been kinpin of three locations for that time. I haven't made any money. You said that you collect the money from the safe house, how exactly do I do that?

  1. The Dr1ver says:

    It's funny you should mention that, Deuce. Recently (like within the past week or so) my collections have only been showing up maybe once per day and have been significantly lower than they were in the past. You would normally collect your money from buildings you are kingpin of by tapping the collection button on the Safe House screen, directly below the bank button.

  1. Deuce What says:

    Yeah that's what I thought but everytime I go to the safe house all the button says is collected. When I tap it nothing happens and I haven't seen an increase of money, its strange.

  1. how come some people at level 8 have 50 rep while others have 300 rep, how do you earn rep quicker? thanks

  1. The Dr1ver says:

    The only way I've found to consistently earn more rep is to fight people that are a higher level than you. I'm sure other parts play a factor, but that's the one I've noticed the most.

  1. angel says:

    Is there a way to add locations on the map of places that are not already on the map?

  1. thedoctor603 says:

    Kingpins! Get as many kingpins as possible.

  1. thedoctor603 says:

    I just spent about 20 minutes looking for the link at rrl, but unfortunately I could not find it. There is a google doc somewhere that allows you to add new locations. It usually takes two to for weeks before it shows on your map. They have a very small staff and verify every location added. Make sure you register at (you even get bonus r2 creds) and search the forums there. I'm sorry I couldn't find it.

  1. thedoctor603 says:

    Rrl is constantly going through changes, we are still in beta. They changed collections to once a day. If you are collecting less than you used to, you probably lost some kingpins. Go get them back!

  1. The Dr1ver says:

    I think this is the link you were looking for, Doc -

    Pulled from the forum FAQ!

  1. thedoctor603 says:

    Hiring thugs is a trap! Save your precious r2 credits and invite real people, like thedoctor603 !

  1. thedoctor603 says:

    Hey dr1ver, are you in a gang? Goodfellas could really use someone as helpful as you are. I think you would fit right in with us!

  1. Assdr1 says:

    Revise, the game structure has changed...

  1. Gildough says:

    Hey i been playing for a while but the first time i started when you created your character i was busy and had to work. when i came back the game created me as a woman and im wondering how do i change my character back to a man?

  1. The Dr1ver says:

    Good question... Unfortunately, unless you can contact a developer to change your character, at this point I believe you'll have to start a new account. If you go to your Safehouse screen, tap the menu button, and go to Settings you will see an option for Clear Game Cache. That should make it so the next time you start the game it no longer has your username and password stored and will prompt you to make a new character.

  1. jobiwan says:

    How do I get my money out of the bank?

  1. tiffisadork says:

    I still have no mission action in my upper icons. Is it a glitch or is there a way around this?

  1. Ebling says:

    I love LiC and the idea of it, but to date i havent been able to see one location on my map, yet others are fighting over locations less than 5 km away from me, played with my gps settings to no avail. Any help would be awsome.

  1. FangXL says:

    I have a login on my android and when I got my IPhone it would keep saying error on the log in screen at one point I accidentally pressed new character and it wouldn't let me go back, now I can't figure out how to log out

  1. FangXL says:

    I even tried clearing the game cache and it still logged me in as the new character

  1. The Dr1ver says:

    Sorry, I don't have an iPhone so I can't help you there.

  1. FangXL says:

    That's alright I just keep my old android with me and play it on that, stupid fu€kin IPhone

  1. The Dr1ver says:

    And that's why I own

  1. Teen-wolf says:

    Is there any way to leave a gang you have joined? Teen-wolf add me

  1. GC says:

    How can u build buildings if u have none in your gps area?

  1. The Dr1ver says:

    You can't. You have to go to areas that have buildings already... Unless you buy bricks and mortar.

  1. Queentizzle says:

    I know we loose our packages once were attacked but do we also loose our stolen goods as well.

    When attacking some one you get money,xp and packages as well some times but its packages instead of stolen goods am I write ??

  1. datboigenius says:

    Im stuck in an account thats not mine! How do i switch accounts??

  1. Nunya08 says:

    I'm on level 18 and have been part of a gang for some time now. I have been searching and searching for an answer but I can't find one. I was wondering how do I contribute to my gang? I see the other members of the gang have like 130 points towrads contributions and I have none. I must be doing something wrong! Can someone please help me?

  1. spock5550 says:

    I've been playing Life Is Crime on my ipad. I just downloaded it onto my iphone. I've tried signing on with my game name (spock5550) and also the e-mail account that I use on my ipad and the user account on my facebook, but none of them will let me log in. How do I find my correct user id so I can play both from my iphon & ipad?

  1. mikebrax says:

    So the only way to get locations that pay you is to become the kingpin? i thought I read on the forum that you could get paid if you were say in the top 20 at that spot is that true?

    Invite me to your mob : MIKEBRAX

  1. Madam Cia says:

    I lost my fone and got a new one, I can't remember my password, how can I Reset my password?

  1. DevilishOne says:

    Quick question @TheDr1ver-

    The only thing I don't understand in the game right now, is how and when do buildings level up? I have 3 that I kingpin that are, what I believe to be, level 2, but another is around the same amount of points and still level one. How does this work?

  1. I have an account on my Ipod and I need to get it on my phone too, but I have an old account on my phone. How can I delete the old account from my phone?

  1. morgaanhoe says:

    From what im reading we cant build buildings without contacting someone &nd waiting three weeks .. is that right ? There are TON of bussinesss around me that arent on my map , i'd love to add them . Also , can someone clarifyy what is a safehouse &nd where mine is or if i even have onee . Ahh , juss started playying a few hours ago &nd im very confussedd . Any help would be great <3 My namee is morgaanhoe if you wanted to add me :)

  1. mazinator says:

    How high do you have to be on the list to collect money from the buildings? and if you are high enough and you are not collecting the money because it wont register that you are high enough how do you fix it.

  1. Unknown says:

    I heard form my friend that he can earn R2 credits on some offers it gave you. He has already earn thousand and much much more R2 credit. Do you know how can he do that? I want to earn R2 credits too.

  1. The Berg's says:

    I got a replacement phone and accidently put new user on the game. I can't get rid of the new user on my phone to get my old character back. I've tried to delete the app but it stays the same when I reload it....

  1. Unknown says:

    Theres only one building near me? How do I get more? Do I build them or are they just places near me? I'm moving in a week, will there be different buildings near me and will I be able to axcess the ones I took over? Plz reply soon :-)

  1. heintkdkid18 says:

    how can u join a gang?

  1. Bryan S says:

    You have to phisically drive near a coffee shop. a starbucks maybe. When you open the map it should be there. Also the closer you are to a location the less stamina it costs

  1. Danny Landry says:

    How do I get My gang HQ in life is crime

  1. I got the app on my galaxy tab and i can't get to my safe house after i first play the app.i can only go to my safe house at the begging when i first play game. I can't run away from a fight and other stuff.

  1. ajh86 says:

    How long does it take to build stamina?

  1. How do I delete my new character i remember the password now for the first character

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