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Saturday, June 25, 2011 , Posted by Nick Driver at 12:59 PM

Update 08/17/11: It looks like commenter, Treats has come up with a new type of script that seems to work for auto-selecting a DJ spot. While seems to have evolved into a self-policing community for the time being and simply skipping the DJ line, much less auto-DJing is highly frowned upon, a lot of people are still looking for how to do it. You can check out his site, or download the script from my mirror here (mirror removed at the request of I haven't tried the script for myself yet, but if you're looking, it's worth a shot.

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  1. Does the window need to be open for the script to work?

  1. The Dr1ver says:

    The window needs to be in view when you click the bookmarklet in order for it to work.

  1. jbrookeiv says:

    Not working for me in Chrome or Firefox. What's up?

  1. The Dr1ver says:

    They patched the site so the script no longer works, unfortunately.

  1. Is this something that's going to be kept up with? Will there be an update so it works again?

  1. OverEasy says:

    Will pay to get this working!

  1. OverEasy says:

    Do you have something I can reach you by?

  1. Kicranym says:

    any updates on this? Noticed they started making their class and id names dynamic to prevent a script like this from running.

  1. The Dr1ver says:

    Unfortunately, it looks like the dynamic ID names has prevented a script like this from working currently (as you said Kicranym). That implementation has developed the platform beyond my scripting abilities. While it was fun while it lasted, I will not be updating this script any longer.

  1. Treats says:

    I created an AutoDJ script for turntable:

  1. Treats says:

    Dr1ver, thanks for the update. I built the script thinking I would have great feedback. You said it right though, most rooms are self-policing and don't want anyone jumping in. That said, I ask users to use the script as you would any tool, with respect. It isn't for every room and it shouldn't be exploited.


  1. jessipedia says:

    Hi Dr1ver, Jess from turntable here. Treats has agreed to remove his Auto DJ script, we find that auto DJ and auto click scripts are detrimental to the community, and we would appreciate if you would remove your mirror of the script here.


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