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How to Rotate One Page of a Document to Portrait or Landscape in Microsoft Word

Thursday, June 24, 2010 , Posted by Nick Driver at 3:49 PM

I was asked this question this morning from one of our users trying to rotate one page of an 100+ page Microsoft Word document to landscape so she could sqeeze in a spreadsheet. Simply changing the page orientation to 'Landscape' instead of 'Portrait' flipped the entire document and screwed everything up. Therefore, I cracked my knuckles and flexed my searching skillz to come up with the following solution.

Rotating One Page of a Document - Microsoft Word 2007-2010

  1. In 'Normal' view, scroll down to the page you would like to flip after having finished writing the rest of the document.
  2. On the Microsoft Office Ribbon, select the 'Page Layout' tab
  3. Select 'Orientation' and pick whether you want the page to be positioned landscape or portrait.

Rotating One Page of a Document - Microsoft Word 2003

The easiest way to go about rotating one page of a document in Microsoft Office 2003 is as follows:
  1. Select the text/content of the page that you wish to flip.
  2. Go to File->Page Setup->Landscape for "Selected Text"
  3. Click OK
If that doesn't work for whatever reason, there's a great detailed writeup over at that should cover any issues you may be having with headers/footers not properly rotating.

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  1. jwisecup says:

    Your directions for "ROTATING ONE PAGE OF A DOCUMENT - MICROSOFT WORD 2007-2010" are wrong. First off, there is no "Normal" view, I think you meant "Print Layout". Secondly, following your instructions actually rotates all of the pages. I am using Office 2010.

  1. jwisecup says:

    Ok, I figured it out. You need to put "Page Layout|Breaks|Section Breaks|Next Page" before and after the page(s) you want to change to landscape.

  1. Prometheus89 says:


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